Shoe by Shoe & Now Socks Too! 

Every kid deserves new shoes & socks 

and together we can make that happen!


Through the strong financial support we continue to receive from Rabbi Greg Hershberg, his congregation Temple Beth Yeshua International, and thousands of followers around the world, we have worked together in creating our 2022 Shoe by Shoe & Now Socks Too! Mission.   


We were amazed to learn there are ten to twelve million children living under the poverty level that desperately need our shoes, some for health reasons, some for emotional support. We provide shoes to children -- some who have never had shoes on their feet before. Our newest endeavor is to send 5 pairs of socks with every pair of shoes!


Since January of 2022, we have already purchased and distributed over 20,000 pairs of shoes for children 5 to 13 years of age to agencies in Georgia, Florida and most significantly in the Appalachian basis to these states; Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia. Appalachia is home to many proud Americans, but it is also home to some of the most devastated and poorest regions of our nation. 


With your help and the help of others around the country, our goal is to purchase and distribute 50,000 pairs of shoes by year end. The need is there, the agencies are there to do their part, and our suppliers can provide all the shoes we can afford to purchase. We only need your financial help. 99% of every dollar donated goes directly to purchase shoes!! 


HELP us HELP these unfortunate children. Join our mission of changing a child’s life one pair of shoes (and 5 pairs of socks!) at a time. Photos of our deliveries will be sent out for all to see how together we are saving souls with every pair of soles!!!

Thank you for your support!

A Little Foundation With A Big Heart Doing Great Things For Children

Current Local Missions 

The Farmworkers

Childrens Center

The Farmworker's Childrens Center is a safe space where children are tutored, receive homework help, enrichment programs, camp and more.  The Foundation provided over 70 laptops, one for every student, and has pledged to provide additional computers as needed. In appreciation for the laptops, the Center has renamed the facility, "Justin's Little School House," in memory of the Foundation's Founder, Bill Forster's grandson. We continue to support the needs of the children.


Brother Bob's Food Pantry 

WHERE HOPE IS REWARDED is the motto of Brother Bob’s True Fast Outreach Ministries. Their main goal is to make sure nobody goes hungry, and they specifically target men, women & families who come to their Food Pantry in West Palm Beach. The Forster Foundation is subsidizing the Food Pantry to make sure nobody goes hungry. The pantry feeds between 80 and 100 families a week. 

Past & Accomplished Missions



  • Mask & Face Shield Mission - Provided 70,000 masks and 5,000 face shields to the South Palm Beach County Food Bank, local schools and religious organizations.

  • Thanksgiving Missions -

      Provided the Palm Beach County Food

      Bank with 800 Turkeys

      Provided Turkeys to a local Baptist Church 

      feeding 4,000 people.


We are proud to have worked with Rabbi Greg Hershberg of Beth Yeshua International, on all of the following missions in Israel.

Wheelchair Mission provided physically challenged Israeli children of all faiths, wheelchairs fitted to meet their individual needs. The adjustable chairs are designed to meet the children's needs for several years as they grow and develop. This life-changing gift enables each child to reach their full potential and provides them with hope, independence, mobility and self-esteem. The mission supplied over 1,000 Wheelchairs.

The iPad Mission provided the gift of education and imagination.  The Foundation has delivered over 800 iPads and tablets to dozens of agencies servicing physically and mentally challenged children.  

Neve Michael Children's Village in Pardes Hanna, Israel is an organization like no other and is very dear to the Foundation and Rabbi Hirshberg.  The Rabbi and his congregation have been supporting Neve Michael over the past ten years. Bill Forster is a past board member and past president of Neve Michael.  The Children's Village has a 7 acre campus which includes family homes, a school, synagogue and is the only facility in Israel with two 24/7 crisis centers; one for children and one for teen-aged girls.