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Forster Holdings is a second generation family owned and operated group of companies. For further inquiries please email or call Erin Forster at 561-351-9858.



Even in retirement Bill was not willing to give up opportunities or business challenges. Forster Company acquired the assets of VINGARDE VALISE, the number one luxury suitcase in the world for traveling with wine. The company is also run by Erin Forster, President of Forster VGV.  To contact Erin, email  For further information regarding the Vingarde products, contact our North American Distributor, Fly With Wine  Click here.

For more information on exclusive marketing rights in countries around the world, please contact



Bill began his import and distribution business in 1973, primarily from countries in the Far East. His early products were varied but he soon developed and focused on products made of painted aluminum and steel. For many years, Forster Fence was one of the largest and most innovative importers of welded aluminum and steel outdoor furniture. By year end, Forster Fence was one of the top three largest importers of steel panels in the USA. In 2019 the assets of Forster Fence were sold to Barrette Outdoor Living. Barrette hired Bill as a consultant on issues involving the steel business. As a consultant, Bill reorganized Barrette's steel fence division and was successful in introducing Barrette to Madden Railing which they purchased in 2021.

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