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If It Hadn't Been For My Wife, I'd Be Living In A Trailer.

Memoirs of an Entrepreneur

I have lived and experienced one hell of a life as an entrepreneur. I have done or tried to do business in over 30 countries on everything from condoms to television sets. Sometimes I was the first one in my industry to develop business in countries like Russia and South Africa. I never thought any opportunity was too hard or impossible and found myself doing business with industry leaders like Sam Walton founder of Walmart, Lee Iacocca and Hugh Hefner. I’ve made and lost millions but retired with money in the bank and time to write this book. Enjoy the ride!

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100% of royalties and all speaking engagements will go to the Forster Foundation.



The author / entrepreneur does a superb job of writing that is both entertaining and inspiring. His honesty and sharing are heartfelt. You will not be disappointed.


Each business opportunity has its ups and downs and the author brings you along for the crazy ride. Hysterical and honest from start to finish.

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